zonnebloem_okt14Het secretariaat van de  basisschool is bereikbaar tot 7 juli en vanaf  28 augustus.

Het secretariaat van de middelbare school is bereikbaar tot 7 juli en vanaf 24 augustus.

Fijne vakantie!

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  1. Valeria Carossa

    I need to ask you information about a possible service of child care. I just registered my son for next year (2017) in your school and I have to start organize things for my job. As far as I remember the school was running until 14.45h. My question is about a possible service that could keep children a bit longer than that time during the day. I hope that something is already provided. Thanks for all the information and kindness. Best regards, Valeria.

    1. de Zonnewijzer

      dear Valeria,

      I’ll pass your question forward to the administration of the ‘basisschool’.
      Hope you’ll get your answer soon.

      Kind regards,
      lieve Cappelle

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